Reversed Photography

Here we apply the basic rules of photography and analyze the application. Rule of Thirds Here the famous photographer Ansel Adams demonstrates the basic rule of thirds. The rule of thirds dictates that the subject of the photo should be placed where the lines intersect. Photo by Ansel Adams found at         … More Reversed Photography

Coca Cola Reversed

This ad was created by Coca Cola and was being featured on a website on the culture aspects of mass media created by Penn State University. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the differences of the two typefaces featured and how they create a contrast to help bring movement and attention to the … More Coca Cola Reversed

Apple in Reverse

Culture Jamming by: TechGenie This ad is a play off of regular apple advertisements. This ad attempts to show what limited rights users actually have when it comes to mobile devices as everything users do is monitored for advertising purposes. Despite the somewhat alarming topic this advertisement is very well crafted. Contrast The designer created beautiful … More Apple in Reverse