Blending Creative Ad


This project was for my COMM 130 class. We were told to use a generator to find a common household item to advertise. The items being advertised are salt and pepper shakers. This ad is marketed toward males who are married, have attained a masters or doctorates degree and receive an income of $90,000 or more.

Project Specifics

This project has definitely been a challenge. The first thing to conquer is how to market towards married men who have a good salary. I began to think of necessities in life and that is how the idea for the caption, “somethings just go together” came to mind. Then I thought about bringing romance into the relationship of salt and pepper, they are perfect seasonings together just as these men may feel towards their wives.

Creating the project was another story. This advertisement is a blend of two photos, a salt and pepper shaker obtained through and a personal photo. These photos were blended together to create that similarity of things that accompany each other.

This design was created for the target audience with the idea of adding spice back into the marriage. These seasonings make food taste so good, just as their marriage is/can/will be. The man and the woman kissing in the background does not draw from the salt and pepper shakers but suggests the same type of relationship of salt and pepper to the viewer.

The overall design is simple, with the attempt to make the advertisement look homey and comfortable. Majority of the typography is a basic sans serif with one word being written in a script font with a peppery background. The type is white with the black background to again bring attention to the relationship between salt and pepper. Throughout this ad the audience is being reminded of salt and pepper with the contrast with typography color as well as the colors the couple is wearing in the background.

I chose to represent Pampered Chef cookware products with this advertisement to again suggest to the viewer that their home, food, and relationship can be pampered by even the smallest things.


There is so much more than the eye sees when creating an advertisement. Days of thought as well as several different ideas and slogans have gone into this advertisement. Nothing is ever done arbitrarily when it comes to creating an advertisement. Everything has a purpose, often of which goes below what one sees with the eye.





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