Sassy But Classy Icon set


These icons are part of the Sassy But Classy icon set that was created for my COMM 130 class. These icons were designed in such a manner that they highlight the classic glamour of women’s products while showing off the bold unsympathetic flair that usually accompanies them.

Project Specifics

This project was definitely different than anything I had ever done before. This project was created using Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool. The project needed to consist of four to six icons without using symbols. I chose to create something that I do not see many icons for, women’s projects such as lipstick, nail polish, bows, and purses. The icons needed to be original as well as be an entity of their own. Each icon has been crafted with care to assure that they can stand alone as well as amongst other icons. The pink theme that is repeated throughout the icons allows the viewer to know that these icons are a family but allows them to be separated for individual use. These icons do not include any text graphics, raster affects, gradients, pixels, or drop shadows.

The shown photo sizes are 400px x 400px, 60px x 60px, and 9in x 6in.


Working on this project definitely pushed me to think outside of the box. Simplicity is key as well as making sure each aspect of the icon would be highlighted. I personally feel that they turned out quite well and look forward to reviewing this project in time to come and see how it can be further improved.










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