Spread of the Temples



I was asked to make a magazine spread on a talk from LDS.Org. This project, although took some time to complete, was very fun to complete. It highlights a talk given by President Gordon B. Hinkley, former president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, entitled, Why These Temples. The talk can be read here. This project was a welcomed challenge for me as I had never used Adobe’s InDesign until about a week ago.

Project Specifics

This project took a lot of time and a lot of effort. At first it did not come together nicely. I began by drawing out several sketches of possible layouts for this magazine spread. After selecting a layout to go with the layout of the text came next.

I needed to have three pages in the spread, have the text reach 600 words or more, as well as have a main heading text as well as three subheadings to break up the contents of the text. The text on the first page was single column while on the next two pages were set in a double column standard. After that went the headings. The headings were colored in bold and contrasting colors as to draw attention as well as to bring unity throughout the spread. The main heading, “Why These Temples” features two out of the four colors used in the palette for this spread. There are three personally taken photos in this piece of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple and the Kansas City Missouri Temple.

Working with the photos was an interesting challenge as I had to create text wraps around the pictures so the words would not overlap. As well, featured on the third page is a pull quote that not only highlights one of the article’s main points but as well adopts the coloring from the previous two pages, creating repetition and unity.

After setting color, pictures, and text the next thing that I looked at was the fonts of the headings. On the very first page a very unconventional title is seen. I placed the first two words of the title in a script form and the remaining word in a sans serif font. As well the two sections of text have contrasting colors. I did this in order to create contrast amongst the text itself as well as to give the eye a break of all the san serif font that is used in the actual text of the article. I feel the color helps relieve the eye as well.

Target Audience

This spread is targeted towards people of all ages who are looking for answers of why an LDS temple is important. The spread contains light but playful colors that help entice and entrance the audience so that they know this article is not just for children or just for the elderly. The different fonts suggest a more youthful appearance of the article but mixed in with the colors and the photography I feel that this article invites all who seek this knowledge to come and read.


To summarize what has been stated in this post, the principles of design are applied in this magazine spread through color, repetition, alignment, and even proximity. Each element on the page works to display how it is related to the other page elements but how it stands out from each element as well. This project was definitely an eye opener on the world of InDesign. InDesign is a majorly helpful tool when trying to create things such as magazine spreads, articles, and even business cards. I would definitely recommend the experience of applying the concepts of design in a magazine spread to others who are looking to learn more about design and visual media.


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